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I don't think a home birth would be for me, but I definitely support moms who choose it. I recently interviewed cafemama, who decided on a home birth for her second baby. She's excited about how she'll deliver and looking forward to cuddling with her new extended family in her own bed right after the baby arrives.

Thanks to a mom in the private group Stay at Home Moms, I just came across new research from the Netherlands that says, for low-risk women, giving birth at home is just as safe as giving birth in a hospital.

If you've never considered it before, would you now?

The study, the largest of its kind, examined moms in the Netherlands, a country with a high rate of home births. Dutch women are encouraged to give birth at home and one third do so.

The research was actually carried out there because figures showed that the country had one of the highest rates in Europe of babies dying during or shortly after childbirth, and it was suggested that home births could be a factor. But in looking at 530,000 births -- both low-risk women who birthed at home and women who delivered in a hospital with a midwife -- researchers found no difference in the death rates or illnesses of mothers or babies.

Home births are on the rise in the UK and I know they are on the rise in New York, where I live, too.

What about you? Are you planning a home birth? If you've never considered one before, do you think you might be open to exploring the idea?


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jessi... jessie1525

I think births belong at home. There's no medical emergency and there's no one involved that is sick. As long as the pregnancy is no/low risk, there's absolutely no need for a hospital. I hope that moms to be start to do the research and make educated decisions for their unborn children. Hospitals are absolutely wonderful when something isn't right with the pregnancy. Seriously, if you are pregnant, really look into the statistics and reasearch as much as you can. You're unborn baby deserves that!!

home-... home-sweet-home

There was a large study, though not this large done in Canada and the Us (I think) that came to the same conclusion, that not only was it as safe, there were less interventions and breastfeeding was more suscessful if the baby was born at home.

I had my last daughter at home and would never go back to a hospital again (unless there was a true medical need.) Oh and I am a nurse with a background in nursery, NICU and L&D. I am now trainging to become a homebirth midwife.

TeriM... TeriMelisa

I guess I am going to be the bad guy, I do not agree with and will never agree with at home births. There are way too many things that can go wrong in an instant. My friend had a baby at the hospital was doing everything natural with a midwife. Her pregnancy was normal and most of her labor was perfect then in one instant things changed. Her son was in distress without oxygen, they tried forceps quickly but they didn't work. She was rushed for an emergency c-section. If she had been at home the extra 10 minutes it would have taken to get her to the hospital would have killed her son. When I hear women say that they want to give birth at home because they would not be comfortable in a hospital I really want to scream to them that there comfort does not mean anything the safety of their baby is all that matters. In most hospitals now you can have a midwife and have the birth you want, but you are already there if something goes wrong because time matters when somthing goea wrong. Ya'll can get mad at me all you want and say anything you want, but I will always believe that women who choose their comfort over their bables safety are selfish. 

proud... proud2Bmomma

I have several friends who deliver at home.  One lady has 13 children and she almost hemoraged to death.  You simply have no idea when something is going to go wrong.  I have no desire for a home birth.  If my baby died because the emergency equipment I needed wasn't onhand, I would never forgive myself.  So, I'm fine with that "medical machine" that everybody wants to gripe about.

Lanasmom Lanasmom

I have to disagree--I am low/no risk and yet when i delivered dd her hr kept dropping and the cord was wrapped around her neck--If i had been at home, that could have been a tragic situation, since i would not have known that her hear rate was dropping dangerosly low. --My sister, also was low/no risk with her first child--yet she had a stroke during delivery because the baby broke a major artery and she had a blood clotting disease they didn't know about at the time--Had she been delivering at home, she and her dd might not be here. --So no, i think there is a reason we have dr's with all their training to deliver babies. --And maybe these are rare instances, but i'm not willing to take that chance with my babies life.

sstepph sstepph

I don't think I could. just because I worry too much and I don't think that I would feel as safe as i would at the hospital, plus I had complications with my pregnancy.

Azure Azure

My next child will be born at home.

Faith429 Faith429

I'm a ICU RN and mother of 2 going on 3. I can see the benefits of delivering at home in your own comfort zone with family and friends comfortable...however unfortunately I have seen far too many incidents to ever want to deliver somewhere other than a hospital or birthing center that has emergency equipment available. as much as we would love to say labor and delivery is natural, and low/no risk. You never know what could happen. I have seen plenty of women who are "no risk" end up in my unit after delivery for crazy occurrences! without fetal heart monitoring and licensed practitioners on hand, delivering at home is a very risky thing! We live in a metro area so the average EMT response time is about 3-5 minutes, and potentially longer if there is heavy traffic, oxygen deprivation and brain death can start to occur with in 3 minutes of not breathing, I don't think I would take those chances with myself or my unborn child!

Momma... Momma.Mare

Some people should remember the fact that women have been birthing at home/outside a hospital since the Earth was created. Who did they rely on? Their midwife if they had one to be present. Please keep in mind that many midwives now a days bring an oxygen machine and several other devices and tools incase of issues during the birth. No they can't handle a serious emergancy but they know when to transfer you to hospital care should it look like one is going to happen. They aren't ignorant about birth, lol.

Yep, I AM birthing at home!!

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