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There's lots of talk on CafeMom about being induced. I just came across a post in Answers from a mom who's measuring large. Her doctor suspects a big baby and wants to induce her at 38 or 39 weeks, but she's concerned she'll wind up with a C-section.

She asked other moms about their experiences -- were they good? bad? did they end up having a C-section? Here's what a few CafeMoms had to say about inductions.

-- My doc just broke my water to induce me. Labor was quick and delivery was a breeze.

-- I was induced with all three of my kids and all three deliveries were successful -- but everyone handles inductions differently.

-- I wouldn't suggest it. My induction experience was not great. Twenty hours of long contractions, I only dilated to 4cm, and then a C-section. My body was not ready to give birth and my doctor practically forced me into the induction.

-- I was induced at 39 weeks and it was a great experience. They started me on Pitocin, then broke my waters, and then I got an epidural. I pushed for 40 minutes and my daughter was here.

-- I was induced and, right after they started the Pitocin drip, I regretted it. The contractions were harder than they were with my first child (I wasn't induced with him.) After ten hours, the baby's hear rate dropped and I had to have a C-section.

If you've given birth before and were induced, what was your experience? What would you tell first-time moms about the induction process?





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stacy... stacy4101

I was induced twice. Neither time did I get a c- section, although labor was very long. 181/2 hours with first.

Roses... Rosesandlilys

My induction expirience was terrible. I would not reccomend it unless absolutely necesary. The contractions were twice as hard and twice as often, and eventually the pitocin droped the babys HR and I had to have a c-section, after almost 24 hours of labor.

CjsMa... CjsMama914

I was induced and didn't have a c-section. My doctor actually said she was going to do everything she could NOT to do a c-section. (she RARELY did c-sections which I guess leads me to believe a lot of c-sections aren't necessary.)

rebec... rebecca_tal4

i was induced all three times... the first one was 16hrs and we did it bc of high blood pressure. the second was about four or five hours and my dr did it bc the baby was big. and my third i asked to be induced bc i had gotten kidney stones at 37 wks and just couldnt take anymore. labor was about the same as the second 4-5 hours. all three babies were taken a 38 wks and not a c-section in the bunch. all three babies were perfectly healthy


i think moms need to take a more proactive position when it comes to delivery and not let the drs push them around so much....

cooki... cookiedough100

i was induced with my second pregnancy. I wasn't due for 2-3 weeeks but they were worried about my daughter's size in the womb. experience wasn't too bad. only about 5 hours of labor, as opposed to a non-induced labor with my son, which was about 11 hours. contractions were okay both times, and delivery was easy!  and both babies were healthy and fine! don't let ANYONE, not even your dr. push you into it, though.

cooki... cookiedough100

p.s. i didn't have a c-section either time

audre... audreybreier

I was induced with both of my kids and it was a fabulous experience both times! I had an epidural, I know some people don't want that, but I did :) They gave me my epidural before starting the pitocin, so I had no pain. I progressed quickly both times. With my first, I was in labor 8 hours total (including pushing) and with my 2nd, 6 hours. I know some people do end up having to have a c-section with inductions, but my experience was great and wouldn't mind doing it again. In fact, hopefully I will be induced again next time. My labors were easy and stress-free!

lovem... lovemybabys1106

Loved my induction so much faster and easier than my natural labor was.

MomTo... MomTo2BabesTX

I was induced with my daughter and in labor for 14 hours. I wound up with a c-section but it wasn't because of the induction, they did it because after 14 hours, 2 rounds of cervidil, and 2 bags of pitocin I was still at a 2-3 cm. Come to find out I have a very narrow pelvic bone. I wasn't meant to deliver vaginal in the first place.

Jenniy Jenniy

I was induced with all 3 of mine, and they weren't that bad actually.  With DD my labor was 6hrs 31 minutes and she was here, dilated to quick for the epidural, DS1 I was in labor for almost 16hours but was able to get my epidural, and with DS2 I was in labor about 8 hours, got an epidural and he was born, he did get stuck and ended up with a vacuum delivery. 

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