Postpartum Recovery Center: Would You Do It?



postpartum recovery

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Could you imagine having your baby and then not going home for a month? Instead, going to a postpartum maternity home where you could be taken care of and have time to recover from childbirth?

Apparently, this is a common thing in some Asian cultures, who believe that a new mom needs a month or more to bounce back from birth -- this period is called the "sitting month." Women are supposed to stay inside, rest, and be taken care of. When family is nearby, they tend to mom and baby. But if no family is present, some moms go these postpartum centers to be cared for.

New moms definitely need help -- no doubt about that.

I don't know what's involved or how much care like this would cost but, if money and circumstances made it possible, would you want to go to a postpartum recovery center? Do you think it would be a good thing for you and your family?




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Lynette Lynette

I think I would rather have a hubby have a mo off after the birth to take care of me and the kids.  He takes a week off after our babies are born.

tiger... tigerlily721

This would have been great when I had my first! I was all torn up and had post pardum depression.

amber... amberwriteslove

no i wouldn't go. i'd rather be with my fiancee and my family. it'd be weird to have other people taking care of me and my baby

kewtie kewtie

NO I wouldn't go.  I wouldn't have a house to come back to.  The kids would make to much of a mess.

celti... celticreverie

Nope. Birth is not a miserable process. I am giving birth at home, and will stay home. I will have help from friends/family if I need it! I would NEVER go to someplace else.

alexa... alexa_n_mommy

I think I'd love something like that. Although I agree with celticrevere birth isn't a miserable thing. It's a beautiful beggining. Not all women may want to use this but hey it's like being in a hospital getting all the help you need without your hubby falling asleep in the kitchen getting food or bottles for baby then wondering where he went.

Khloe... KhloesMama333

It's hard to say...certain aspects of it sound great...but I think I would miss home. I tore terribly with my first and after my mom left back for home(she lives 2 provinces away) I was on my own way too much! I think I would have healed faster had I had extra husband was working 14 hour days like 7 days a week, so yeah...I can see the appeal!

litls... litlsuzzy

I'd want to be in my own space. maybe if help comes to me, that would be awesome.


That would be great. I never new how bad PPD could get. After my second I was in HELL. I really didnt want the baby that i had just had,. I didnt want any of my childre. I didnt even want my husband. I wanted to pack my bags and move out leave all of them behind. I loved them they just got under my skin and every little thing made me want to cry so i was ready to just leave. My DR told me that he thinks mine is because i dont get any sleep. My daughter woke me up every 2-4 hours and then my other two would wake me up at like 8 in the morning and i couldnt go back to bed. He said that if someoen could come to my house and watch the kids while i take a nap each day or at least once a week. I would probably get alot better but to not stop taking my meds he gave me. So i thin tkhat if we had a PP recovery place to go I defintly would

Someone said they wouldnt because they dont want people to take care of them...... some people need that. Some people needs time to take a shower or have them time. Just to get used to the life of being a mother. I know after experienceing PPD i do not want anymore children. It was that bad.

athenax3 athenax3

No way, lolling around, getting lazy isn't prepping for the reality that life goes on, even after having a baby (shocking I know)- Plus, I'm a hit the ground running kind of woman- and I don't like a bunch of people around me and a new baby- I'm content to be taken home, snuggled by dh, and left alone to bond and ewww and awww over my new baby in peace, lol....

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