Postpartum Recovery Center: Would You Do It?



postpartum recovery

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Could you imagine having your baby and then not going home for a month? Instead, going to a postpartum maternity home where you could be taken care of and have time to recover from childbirth?

Apparently, this is a common thing in some Asian cultures, who believe that a new mom needs a month or more to bounce back from birth -- this period is called the "sitting month." Women are supposed to stay inside, rest, and be taken care of. When family is nearby, they tend to mom and baby. But if no family is present, some moms go these postpartum centers to be cared for.

New moms definitely need help -- no doubt about that.

I don't know what's involved or how much care like this would cost but, if money and circumstances made it possible, would you want to go to a postpartum recovery center? Do you think it would be a good thing for you and your family?




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Junes... JunesPearl

I think that this option would be great for a single mother if there was no other help available. For the typical family, though...I really think a new mother would prefer to be comfortable at home. And if the husband could take a month off to be there with his family, that would be even better. As it stands now, my husband took a week off with our first baby and will be doing the same for this one.

nonmember avatar Carvequeen

I'm currently an expat Canadian living in Taiwan and these postpartum recovery centers are everywhere. My hubby and I are expecting our 1st child in August ;-). The Taiwan women here can book a room at these recovery centers from a few days to a month or two. The fee you pay includes all meals + snacks during your stay, care for your newborn in the nursery with two or more attending nurses (diapers, formula if you're not producing enough milk for your baby). The standard postpartum room here has an en suite bathroom (has a shower!!) and a king sized bed so your hubby can stay the night with you ;-) tho' the meals are only for mummy there's a mini fridge for daddy to bring in food too. Cost: NT$5,000/day (about US$150/day). Very cool service, we're booked in for a week at our local hospital. Oh, there's a nursery for each floor.

marri... marriagecoach

This was a great question because I am forming a post partum recovery clinic in my area and have written a curriculum and moms come for an hour and half weekly to learn how to bond with their babies, understand what the babies are saying, how to breastfeed, how to get back into exercise and how to relax and get back to your old life.


nonmember avatar Judy

Yes, I will do it since I'm going to have my 1st one. Not sure if I am going to have nature birth (or sometimes it's hard to say: it has to be c-section if it's an emergency to do so). It takes time for body to recover. Then I will have more energy to take care the little one. Plus, I heard some sitting month centers allow the hubby to stay with the new-mom. The more professional sitting center even provides postpatum care for both mon and the baby (with weekly OB-GYN MD and Pediatrician visit): waht I've known that the center is in an Asian contry, not in the U.S.

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