An Heirloom Baby Shower: Recycle & Celebrate

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Celebrating a baby's arrival is so much fun. It's wonderful to be "showered" with gifts, of course, but a baby-fest is about more than the giving and receiving of clothes and gear. It's about close friends and family sharing in your joy.

That's why I love Lil Sugar's idea for an heirloom-themed baby shower.


The focus of the shower is on childhood memories and passing down treasured items instead of consumer goods. It's a vintage-themed (and recession-friendly) party that's more about celebrating baby than about the presents.

Guests are asked to bring an heirloom or lightly used or worn item instead of something new -- attending moms are encouraged to recycle or re-gift the baby items they never used or barely used at all. Guests who aren't already moms could bring some little something from their childhood, like a favorite book, or could contribute to the festivities by offering up a dish or drink.

Lil Sugar provides cute, free, downloadable invitations and ideas on decor and food, too.

Would you be interested in having a shower like this? What are some other shower ideas or themes you've heard about lately and really liked?


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