Trying to Conceive: Does Body Type Make a Difference?

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Trying to make a baby can become a complicated business that leads to all sorts of questions -- am I ovulating, how much sex should we have, will it help if I have an orgasm, what will happen if I take Clomid? Another question TTC mamas sometimes wonder about is body type.

Are curvy women more fertile than those with a thinner shape? Does that round, busty Earth Mama type have a better shot at becoming a mama than I do?


According to an expert in an article on ConceiveOnline -- one that addresses several don't-be-too-embarrassed-to-ask questions -- "fertile women come in all sizes," and women of all body types are able to get pregnant. Some research has shown that women with bigger boobs and smaller waists have higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, hormones associated with fertility, during their periods. But that doesn't necessarily translate to pregnancy rates.

Besides, bottom line, as the article notes -- you can't do a thing about your body type. So focus instead on timing sex during your most fertile period.

Are you TTC? What have you found most helpful in understanding the baby making process? Being in touch with other TTC women? Using an ovulation predictor kit? Working with a specialist? Share with other moms.



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