Fun (and Useful!) Tips on Setting Up Your Registry

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Choosing "the right stuff" from among the bazillions of baby products out there can be way overwhelming. Here's a cheat-sheet on getting it done with as little headache as possible. These online registry tips -- and the sense of humor -- come courtesy of Jenna McCarthy, authoress of The Parent Trip:


  • You have two options: You can do months of research until you nail down the top-rated product in each of the zillions of baby-gear categories. Or you can let a stranger do the legwork for you.
  • Here's how: Type "baby registry" into a Google search. You'll receive millions of matches, but just click on one of the biggies -- Target or Amazon -- and pretend you're searching for a pregnant friend's registry. At Babies "R" Us, for instance, you need only a last name to see someone's list. Type in Smith or Roberts, and you're set.
  • Once you have found a selection of wish lists, peruse a few. At first the items may seem meaningless to you. Keep scanning. After five or six you'll begin to notice some overlap.
  • When something looks familiar, jot it down. Each time an item appears on another registry, make a check mark next to it. When you've got a good list, hand it to your partner and ask him to create an online registry from your notes.
  • Send him to one of the mega-stores with generous return policies, because it might be four or five years before you are energized enough to return the stuff you never open/use. By then, you'll probably have more kids -- the store credit will come in handy for the truckload of diapers they'll go through each month.
  • Happy shopping!

Oh, and P.S. -- if you don't feel you need to buy/receive everything brand-new, spend some time with *Buy it. Sell it. Love it.* (You'll need to join the group.) Now, on with the tips!

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