Ultimate Crib Sheet: Take It or Leave It?

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ultimate crib sheet

Ultimate Crib Sheet by Basic Comfort,

$20, babiesrus.com

OK, moms-to-be, time for Take It or Leave ti Tuesday -- whatcha got on your registry?

Item: Ultimate Crib Sheet

Cost: $20

What it does: I never used one with my babies, but I know moms who love this item. It's an all-in-one quick-change sheet and super-absorbent/waterproof mattress pad.

Pros: Changing the crib sheet is a pain, and usually requires removing the bumper. The Ultimate Crib Sheet uses elastic straps that snap and unsnap, so you don't have to undo the bumper and everything else (note: a big bonus in the middle of the night.)

Cons: Some moms note not loving the snap system as opposed to a sheet that form-fits the mattress; others say it's not as soft as a regular crib sheet.

Let's see what you have to say.


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