Pregnancy Weight: I Gained Weight Just Looking at Food!

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I gained 60 pounds during both of my pregnancies. With my first daughter, Grace, I didn't watch what I ate and I didn't exercise as much as I should have. But with my second daughter, I ate all healthy foods, I swam daily and walked regularly during pregnancy. I still gained 60 pounds! With my second pregnancy, I felt like I gained weight just by looking at food.

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Talk to me. If this is your first pregnancy, does it seem like you're gaining weight like crazy? Are you packing on the pounds just by looking at a stalk of celery?

If this is not your first time down the pregnancy path, are you gaining the same amount of weight this time around? Are you doing anything differently this pregnancy?

In my case, it didn't matter if I ate ice cream or salad---I still gained the same amount of weight. But I'd love to know what's going on with your pregnancy. Spill it, ladies!


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