Clomid & Gonal-F: The Un-Fun Part of TTC

clomid gonal fHi! Cafe MicheleZ here for Melisa today.

As bad as this sounds I couldn't make it through Easter without thinking of eggs. My eggs. My fertility.

When you're trying to make a baby and need some help from a doctor, the months go by very slow. Throw in irregular periods and it seems like forever. Now add a day. I'm serious. S-L-O-W going.


We trust our doctors when they tell us to try this medication or that medication. We take it in hopes something will work. It fills us with hope, but inside we are really worried that it won't. We wonder how long it will take and how many drugs must we take and how all these meds must not be good for our bodies. It's stress beyond stress.

And then we are supposed to have sex with our husbands! I don't know about you, but when I am stressed that's the last thing I want to do even though they say sex reduces stress.

The private group Clomid Chicks has a lot of discussion on how women are feeling after taking this ovulation stimulating pill.

An anonymous CafeMom said she didn't have good results on Clomid -- she got really moody. But once she was off it for two months, she got pregnant after two and a half years of trying. Others have had hot flashes or extreme cramping. And many have had success as a result of it.

Another option to help with ovulation is Gonal-F, the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) injection that you have to give yourself (or beg your significant other to help you with). your belly. Every day for five days depending on your dose. Not fun.

Then there's the cramping, the ovaries that feel swollen the size of grapefruits, the bloating and pain that comes with all of it.

But ladies who are TTC and are on medication to help them with fertility know this is all part of the process. It's worth it, but can be difficult. And it sure can take the fun out of making babies.

If you are TTC and are having fertility issues, how do you cope with the stress?

If you were TTC and have had success, share your stories so other women can be hopeful.

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