15 Secrets of Labor and Delivery

Giving birth -- however it ends up happening for you -- is an awesome experience, with the best end result you can imagine. But the details involved in getting to that end result? Not always so much fun. In a post in Advice for Moms, rockonrugby35 asked moms to share all of the details about what "they" don't always tell you about labor and delivery. And lots of been there/done it mamas replied. I've compiled a list of some of the get-real responses.


Here's what some moms had to say about the nitty-gritty, not always so pretty parts of childbirth:

-- OK, it's a bummer, but you might poop on the table while you're pushing.

-- Epidurals are different for everyone -- you might still be able to feel pain or pressure "down there" and, if you can, that'll help you know when to push. Or you might feel nothing at all.

-- It's not at all uncommon to throw up. (Um, yours truly did. No comment on the pooping.)

-- You may be hot; you may get the chills.

-- You may find it difficult to urinate right after birth.

-- The labor and delivery nurses can be incredibly helpful -- or incredibly not. If you don't like yours, ask if you can switch.

-- Some claim Demerol or muscle relaxers don't really help with the pain, they just make you feel foggy or sleepy.

-- On tearing. Well, small tears, not so bad. Big tears, no fun. They can take a while to heal (but they will).

-- You might have to give birth in a shared room or with interns or a nursing class watching. (Ask your OB about this possibility beforehand.)

-- When you feel like you need to have a bowel movement, you may be ready to push.

-- Don't go crazy with a birth plan -- it's hard to plan out details when it comes to childbirth.

-- "Down there" can be pretty painful and uncomfortable after the birth. Yep, it can hurt to sit.

-- Just because you're induced doesn't mean you'll deliver the same day.

-- Your uterus continues to contract after birth -- the contractions may be uncomfortable or they may not hurt at all.

-- They may have estimated your baby's weight before birth, but you won't know for sure how big he is until he's here.

Now it's your turn to spill -- if you've given birth before, what were you surprised by? Or if you haven't, what have other moms told you to be prepared for?

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