Shoes For Your Swollen Feet

Photo by: Crocs


Swollen feet definitely lands under the "un-fun pregnancy symptoms" category. You look down one day and you have sock cuff marks imprinted into your poor ankles. Yeah, not fun at all.




QueenB36 posted a question in the Pregnancy group about what type of shoes she should be looking for. When you can't reach to put on socks or tie shoelaces, it makes it difficult. Here are some of the helpful tips she got:

sukinova recommended Crocs: "Even though I think they are ugly, the are very forgiving so my feet liked them."

juliep: "I wear UGGS all the time - they are sooooo comfy....if u live where it's cold."

usnwifelw: "Well, I was preggo during the summer with my son so it was flip flops. With this one, it's obviously too cold for flip flops so I wear my birkenstocks. They're expensive, so if I didn't already have them before being preggo, I probably would have gone out and bought the cheap knock offs."

mandy716: "I have a pair of slip-on tennis shoes. They do not tie but they have elastic or something. I only wear them when I am planning on going walking."


These are great suggestions, ladies. So you have to toss the stilettos in the back of the closet for several weeks (or sometimes months) what? Once you get to that point, are you really caring that much about style?!


What types of footwear did you wear/are wearing while pregnant?





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