Are You Worried About Someone Stealing Your Baby Names?


stealing baby names

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We were top-secret with our baby names. We didn't decide for sure what we were going with until the kids were here but, even so, we kept our short-list under wraps, even from family. For one thing, I wasn't interested in hearing anyone else's opinion. But for another, I wanted to think of the names as "mine."


I just came across a post in Pregnancy about people stealing baby names. The mom who posted said her names -- both a boy and a girl name -- were nabbed by another family member. When called on it, the family member in question said that, for the girl name, if she used it, she would choose a different spelling. (Um, does that make a difference?)

What do you think? Are you worried about friends, family, and people online stealing your baby names? If so, are you keeping the names to yourself, or are you telling and just hoping for the best?


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