Local Fun: Bellies & Baseball


bellies and baseball

Play ball!


I live in Brooklyn, and I love it. Baseball? Not so much. I'm just not a sports-enthused kind of gal. But I know the season = summer, and I'm all for that. And I'm definitely all for a cute game night my local team, the Brooklyn Cyclones, has coming in July -- it's called Bellies & Baseball: A Salute to Pregnancy.

You know who the guest stars are -- ladies sporting a bump!


Themed highlights include:

Barefoot & Pregnant -- Expecting moms can run (or walk!) the bases with no shoes on before the game.

Lamaze on the Lawn -- The Cyclones will offer a pre-game Lamaze class on the grass in centerfield.

Naming Rights -- Any mom who agrees to name her child "Cy" or "Brooklyn" gets free season tickets for life.

And lots more. Cute, huh?

Steve Cohen, the Cyclones General Manager, says "Families are at the heart of our fan base, and we're proud to welcome new families or new members to the family with a night of Brooklyn baseball in their honor."

Do you have any local special events that celebrate pregnant moms and growing families? Would you say your town is family-friendly, and that there are lots of fun things to do?


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