Documenting Pregnancy: Another Mom's Week 27


I love the idea of documenting a pregnancy. I do it here with Brittany (bam61907) in the Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, and, thanks to ohdeedoh and Cafe Sheri, I recently came across a dad who's detailing his wife's weekly progress. Ryan Marshall somehow convinced his wife, Cole, to give her permission to allow him to write candidly about the growth of their family on his blog, Pacing the Panic Room. He writes about their ups and downs, pens weekly letters to their baby-on-the-way, and takes these adorable belly pictures of her.

Cole happens to be in week 27, just like bam61907. I asked Ryan why he decided to document his wife's pregnancy and what the most surprising part has been so far. Here's what he had to say.


"My mom wrote really detailed info about the first few weeks of my life, but then she stopped. I loved getting to read about it and always wished there was more. So I've always wanted to make something cool for my kids to give them some insight to their early life. I wanted to write about this pregnancy and show the growth, and I thought it would be a cool thing to give our child. I plan on making a book with the posts and the pics and handing it over when they're old enough.

The thing I've been the most surprised about so far has to be how comfortable and happy we have been with our midwife. It has truly been an intimate and amazing experience, and we have all formed such a bond preparing for this birth. I'm so happy we decided to try for a home birth."

Read more about Ryan, Cole, and the pregnancy on Pacing the Panic Room; see more of Ryan's photography at Porch-Light Pictures.

Are you documenting your pregnancy in any consistent way -- through pictures, a blog, letters to your baby, a journal? Tell all!

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