Are You Preggers, a Prego or Just Plain Pregnant?

Photo by CherithDawn81

There are all sorts of ways to refer to a pregnant lady -- you can say she's in the family way, or that she's got a bun in the oven, or that she's sporting a baby bump. Two words that seem to have jumped into the pop culture vernacular the last few years are "prego" and "preggers." That kinda bugs Esmrlda. Does it bug you, too?


She asked what's up with the word prego over in Answers -- here's what a few moms had to say:

babykins362003 thinks it's just a nickname -- no biggie. riotgrrl says it doesn't bother her and it's the same as saying boobs instead of breasts. But mamapotter agrees with Esmrlda -- the word gets on her nerves a little, too.

What do you think? Do the slang terms prego and preggers bother you, or are you just glad to be one?

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