Cute Ways to Tell the News

When I was pregnant with our second baby, I told my mom around Christmas. So I sent her a wrapped present that held a silver fortune cookie with a sonogram pic and a note inside that said "You'll be a grandmother again soon!" She called crying and all excited -- it was pretty sweet!

I asked moms in the Pregnancy group to share ideas on cute ways to tell the news. Here's how a few spilled the beans.


I made a T-shirt for my 2-year-old to wear. On the front, it said "I'm going to be" and on the back, it said "a big sister." It took a minute for everyone to read the whole thing, but it was fun. I had her wear it at Thanksgiving dinner. -- LexisMom1226200

When I was pregnant with my third, mom my and I took the other two kids (2 years old and 9 months) sledding. I dressed my oldest in a onesie that said "Big Sister X's 2" and the baby in one that said "Oh, no, I'm the middle child." I let my mom undress the kids when we came in. At first she just looked at me funny, but when she got to the baby she flipped. She was so excited! -- Kory0612

With our first, we were going out to dinner with his family and mine to celebrate our birthdays. We had an announcement made and put it in the menus at the restaurant. Since we all sat down together, everyone saw it at the same time. -- 787BabyMom

I knew a couple who took pictures of themselves around Christmas time and took them to show their families. They let their families flip through the pictures and, at the back, they had put in a photo of themselves holding a sign that said "We're pregnant!" -- vikaroo18

How did YOU share your big pregnancy news with friends and family? Share your story with other moms!


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