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All month long, the Daily Buzz bloggers are bringing you tips and ideas on how to be good to our planet while being good to ourselves and our families.

I came across a mention in the Organic, Natural, and Simple Living group (note: it's private) of a cool, printable calendar on SparkPeople.com -- 30 Days to a Greener Lifestyle -- that's totally worth checking out. Here's the scoop.


Pregnancy is a good time to start making lifestyle changes that you can carry into new-mamahood, especially if trying to live a greener life is new for you. So print the calendar and get a tip a day for the month of April on how to get started.

Some examples that could apply to pregnant moms?

Eat seasonally -- fresh foods are more nutritious for you and baby.

Search for secondhand -- shop thrift stores for affordable maternity clothes, and be open to baby gear that's not brand-new.

Visit the library -- instead of buying a copy of What to Expect (which you may only dip into periodically instead of reading throughout your pregnancy) or a prenatal yoga DVD, borrow them and other preggo resources from your local library.

Hang your laundry -- did you know your clothes dryer is one of the biggest energy-suckers in your house? Once you have the baby (as people are telling you over and over again now), you'll have way more laundry. So try to adjust to using the dryer less or not at all now. Buy an inexpensive clothes-drying rack or hang lines outside and you'll already be in the groove once baby and all of those burp cloths are here.

For more tips, print out the calendar. :)



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