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OK, so she's no longer pregnant. She recently gave birth to her first baby, Alexander -- congrats! But Alyson (violino), a New York City mama living in Queens, was committed to having as "green" a pregnancy as possible, and that commitment has continued into new-mommyhood.

Here are her tips on how to be good to yourself, your growing babe, and Mother Earth.


Eat Right, Limit Toxins, and Conserve Energy

I really wanted my pregnancy to be as natural and holistic as possible. I made sure that I ate a healthy, well-balanced, whole foods diet -- and tried to eat as much organic as possible.

I limited my exposure to toxins in my home by cleaning only with vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. I used non-toxic laundry detergent and would line dry nearly everything.

I walked to as many places as possible, including the super market, and I brought my own reusable shopping bags on errands. When I did drive, I would lump errands together to save money, gas, and wear and tear on the car.

Why, and What the MO Is Now that Baby Is Here

I believe that these choices were beneficial to me, my husband, my baby and the planet. We recycle everything humanly possible, have a compost of worms, and make careful decisions about what we consume.

Now that the baby is here, I try to continue with these lifestyle choices. I make my own wipes and solution, use cloth diapers, wash our clothes and diapers in the Wonder Wash, and use a Spin Dryer and line dry. (The spin dryer wrings out the clothing very well.)

I buy baby clothes at thrift stores or trade with other moms in the area. I continue the household things I was doing while pregnant, from recycling to cleaning with vinegar and baking soda.

Being Green on the Cheap

In terms of saving money, even if you're buying organic, the thing that helps the most is to plan your meals ahead of time!

Also, there are some things you don't have to bother buying organic -- like bananas or other fruits/veggies that have a thick skin that you don't eat. Buy things on sale and then plan your meals around those on-sale groceries.

Make as many products on your own as you can. I make our family shampoo and conditioner and will begin making lotion as it's needed. I buy some things in bulk -- like rice, beans, and other non perishables.

Get a BJ's or Costco membership! And don't be afraid to freecycle.

A Little Goes a Long Way

For all pregnant mamas, do a little bit and you'll find that it snowballs into something bigger! These choices ultimately save time, money and the planet. And it makes sleeping at night even better knowing you're doing something so good for so many!

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