Research Links Smoking Moms to an Increased Risk for SIDS

smoking during pregnancy linked to SIDS

I wrote last week about how moms who quit smoking early in their pregnancies cam eliminate the risk for preterm labor and having smaller babies. Now new research says that babies born to moms who smoke could be at an increased risk for SIDS.


Researchers in Australia compared babies of moms who smoked during and after pregnancy with babies who lived in a smoke-free environment and found that maternal smoking may interfere with a baby's ability to respond to external stimuli, which could put them at a greater risk for SIDS.

The babies of moms who smoked were slower to wake. "Those babies whose mothers smoked did not have as many arousals overall and the progression of the arousal response through the brain was also impaired," said one of the researchers.

They went on to suggest that maternal smoking has replaced stomach sleeping as the greatest modifiable risk factor for SIDS.

According to a post that Cafe Suzanne wrote over in Baby Buzz a while back, having a fan in baby's room (to help with circulation) can decrease a baby's risk for SIDS by 72% -- impressive stats that are hard to ignore.

Whether you're a pregnant smoker or not, do you pay attention to new studies like these? Will they change your behavior in any way?


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