Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 27


weekly pregancy calendar week 27

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I'm following a first-time pregnant mom, bam61907 on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!

Week 27

What's Happening with Mom: This has been a much better week -- NO hospital visits or complications! At my prenatal appointment, I found out I've gained 19 lbs. total. At first my midwife was concerned that I wasn't gaining enough weight, but then my belly measured normal. At my next appointment I'll have my glucose screening test for gestational diabetes and my RhoGam shot since I have O- blood.

Given the contractions I was having last week, my midwife said I need to take it easy and drink plenty of fluids. Thankfully, everything has been normal since the hospital visit.


I'm still feeling really tired, but a new symptom now is leg cramps -- I wake up with them every night. Wednesday was the worse -- I was almost in tears it hurt so bad.

And I haven't been able to eat a lot. My stomach feels big and tight -- even if I'm not full from food, I still feel full.

A highlight of the week was getting all the baby furniture put together! I love walking into Aubrey's room and seeing it. We're thinking about painting, too, but we'll decide once we know if we're getting orders to be re-stationed or not.

I just cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by so far. I still want it to go by faster so I can meet Aubrey, but it catches me by surprise when I think about it.

What's Happening with Baby: We're at the end of the second trimester, mom! I weigh about two pounds and am about 14 - 15 inches long. My lungs could likely function now, with assistance, if I arrived early. My brain is continuing to develop rapidly, and I may start to hiccup soon -- you'll feel it when I do!

Question of the Week from Answers:

Any suggestions on how to deal with leg cramps? I've started having KILLER cramps at night. -- aliceryannsmom

Drink LOTS of water, and make sure to flex your foot to relax the muscle (don't point your toes.) -- KatieCrandall

Eat bananas before bed! Seriously, this will help prevent them. -- flutterfae

I was told to elevate my legs -- and you can also have your husband give your legs a massage. -- DRN17

Are you at the end of your second trimester? What symptoms are you experiencing? If you're having bad leg cramps, what helps?

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