Video Monitor: Take It or Leave It?


baby gear video monitor

Fisher-Price Remote Control

Video Monitor, $185,

'K, time for Take It or Leave It Tuesday, where you tell me (and other moms) what's on your registry and what's not. Up today, seeing vs. just hearing baby.

Item: Fisher-Price Remote Control Video Monitor

Cost: About $60 - $250+, depending on brand, model, and features.

What it does: It provides a view into baby's crib/room.

Pros: It allows you to see instead of just hear what baby's up to.

Cons: Video monitors are pricey pieces of equipment and, depending on your worry tendencies, adding the visual element may only give some moms more to obsess over.

Let's see what you have to say -- and if you say Take It, which monitor are you going with? Tell me in the comments below.


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