Danielle's Birth Story: A Drug-Free Delivery


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Time for another birth story from a CafeMom. Not long ago, I chatted with sunmoonstars about her daughter's speedy delivery. Today I'm getting the scoop from Danielle (heydooney) on the drug-free January birth of her second son, Coen.

Here's her story, plus a few questions from me on how she felt about it all.


Danielle's Birth Story

After two days of contractions, they finally got close enough for me to do something. I showed up at the hospital at 4am and 4 cm. I couldn't believe how much pain I was in, but I wanted so badly to birth naturally. At first I visualized my contractions as the tide coming in to the beach. When the tide was in, my son would be here, but I knew it would take each wave to build up.

It was taking so long to get things moving despite the pain. I labored in the bed, on a chair, walking in the hallway, every position I could think of. The jacuzzi helped for a while, but soon I wasn't in control anymore.

I got out of the jacuzzi having constant contractions, and I said "go ahead and break my water, and I'll take an IV, whatever." The nurse said the doctor had just left, and when she checked me, she said it was almost time to push anyway. She believed in me even though I was ready to quit and go for the interventions.

My throat was sore from screaming, but it felt better to scream! My poor husband was in tears. When the doctor came to catch and I was pushing, my water still hadn't broken. He said it was bulging, and with the next push, POP! SPLASH! The doctor is covered. Silence. The the doctor started laughing, and that really made everything easier. Just a few pushes and Coen was born. I didn't even tear.

I credit the nurse, she gave me the confidence to get through it (and didn't let me give up).

Was it always your plan to try to deliver without drugs or intervention of any kind?

Kind of. With my first son, I wanted to "try" to do it without drugs. I found out, you don't "try." You either do or you don't, because it's so easy to give in. And I ended up getting an epidural. This time, I told the admitting nurse that no one was to even mention IV drugs or an epidural to me. I knew that I could do it, and that I wanted to.

Why was that important to you?

When I got the epidural the first time, it took away not only the pain, but all of my body's natural signals to push. I pushed when the nurse told me to. It was very ineffective and pushing took a lot longer than it would have if I could have felt my body telling me it was time.

Where did you deliver?

I was in a regular labor and delivery room, but they seemed more "natural-friendly" than most other hospitals I've heard about. They offered a jacuzzi, encouraged moms to explore their options as far as labor and birthing positions, didn't prohibit me from eating or drinking (not that I wanted to), and supported my desire to go drug-free. I didn't have to fight anyone for anything. I had the best nurse, and all the other nurses kept telling me "way to go!"

Was it easier or more difficult than you imagined it would be?

It was a little harder than I had imagined. I never thought something could hurt that much. I almost gave up and went with "a little something" for the pain, but it was too late. When the nurse told me that, I was actually relieved. There was no going back.

After Coen was born, I felt so much better right away. The next day, the most pain I had was the sore throat from screaming!


Did you deliver drug-free? What was the hardest part? What got you through it?



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