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Think you might be pregnant? Signs of early pregnancy are often a lot like PMS, which can make things all wonky and confusing. So if you're cramping, does it mean you're about to get your period or that it's time to whip out a pregnancy test?

An Anonymous mom posted in Answers that her period was MIA and she'd been having cramps off and on for two weeks. She wondered if other moms experienced cramping in early pregnancy, and several said they had.

The cramps can signal implantation -- when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall. Another reason for the discomfort may be your uterus beginning to stretch a little, even early on, for its big expansion over the next nine months.

Cramps alone may not signal pregnancy, but if your period is late and you're experiencing other symptoms, too -- sore boobs, fatigue, or spotting, for example -- it may be time to test.

Did you experience cramping in early pregnancy? What other symptoms did you have early on?



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mom2mads mom2mads

I had tons of cramping with 2 of my 3 pregnancies.  The first, which resulted in my daughter I felt exactly as if my AF was coming.  The second ended in mc at 10 weeks, but I had major AF symptoms, massive cramping and was extremely bloated.  My 3rd pregnancy which I miscarried at 5 1/2 weeks I felt nothing, no symptoms at all.  Cramps are definitely a sign of pregnancy, you will usually feel as if your AF is on the way, so if you have cramps don't get discouraged, it could mean something good!

emils... emilsmama

i had nothing. no cramping, no morning sickness, no cravings, no fatigue. in fact, if it werent for the ever erxpanding belly, i would never have known i was pregnant at all.

Lanasmom Lanasmom

With dd i knew i was preg. when i started getting morning sickness before i missed my period --but no cramping --With this one--i was pretty sure i was preg. --When i woudl cough or sneeze i would get pain in my lower stomach, it was the ligaments starting to stretch. Sure enough, i got my pos. test a couple days after my missed period.

madam... madamekatekate

I've had cramping but not in early pregnancy. Not until mid-late 2nd trimester.

With DD1 I had no idea I was pregnant until about 5 months along. That's a loooong story so I won't go into detail here. If you're super curious, I'll tell you in a PM. With this baby (DD2) my actual first symptoms were kind of funny. Around 4 or 5 weeks I started noticing how hard it was to roll over at night. Sounds crazy but it was like I had gained 25 pounds (which I hadn't, lol) I just couldn't move. And then brushing my teeth had started making me sick again. I never had morning sickness with either pregnancy (I've been sick, just not morning sickness) but both times around teeth brushing turns into a real bad time if I'm not careful.

So, the first things that alerted me to my pregnancy were the inability to roll over and throwing up after brushing my teeth.

How did I eventually figure out I was pregnant with DD1? I started feeling her move.

crazy... crazytrain80

i have had the same issues but the thing that i am confused about is the fact that i had my tubes tied five years a go and i have been felling very strange and cramping but no period.  does anyone know if your tubes can come untied help please


with my first pregnancy i expireinced cramping for a week or two and finally found out i was prego and then i miscarried with this pregnancy i expierenced some cramping but more bloating fatigue and horrible morning sickness i have heard that you r tubes can come untiedshrugging

BatGi... BatGirl1415

Yep, I had some mild cramps AND soore boobs. I thought it was just PMS, but NOPE. Lol.

Kylee... KyleeTrogolo

i had cramping for almost 2 weeks, every morning i would run to the bathroom totally sure that AF was here and it was going to be a mess... and nothing. nothing at all. my breasts were huge and very sensitive. sex drive went up.. i thought it was just a horrible case of PMS. until the morning sickness hit and knew something was going on!

the cramping really freaked me out, i called all my girlfriends and they mostly said it was just what i thought, bad PMS. when i talked to my sister (who has four kids) and mentioned the cramps with no AF, right off the bat she insisted that i was pregnant. she had all the same things with all her babies.  i thought it was the strangest thing!

Freela Freela

With my first pregnancy and my  last pregnancy, I had terrible cramping around the time af was due.  With the last one I didn't even test for a week or so because I was not ttc and felt so much like af was right around the corner.  With the two pregnancies in the middle, no cramping to speak of.  Weird!

Walke... WalkerBaby1

I had lots of cramping from 1-2 months and then again around 5-6 months. My doc says it is my uterus expanding. :)

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