Am I Pregnant? I Have Cramps

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Think you might be pregnant? Signs of early pregnancy are often a lot like PMS, which can make things all wonky and confusing. So if you're cramping, does it mean you're about to get your period or that it's time to whip out a pregnancy test?


An Anonymous mom posted in Answers that her period was MIA and she'd been having cramps off and on for two weeks. She wondered if other moms experienced cramping in early pregnancy, and several said they had.

The cramps can signal implantation -- when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall. Another reason for the discomfort may be your uterus beginning to stretch a little, even early on, for its big expansion over the next nine months.

Cramps alone may not signal pregnancy, but if your period is late and you're experiencing other symptoms, too -- sore boobs, fatigue, or spotting, for example -- it may be time to test.

Did you experience cramping in early pregnancy? What other symptoms did you have early on?



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