Having Babies Makes You Smarter

Photo by NonnieJ

Ha, I knew it! Or at least I've wanted to believe it, despite fearing that I've experienced a bit of memory loss in the four years since becoming a mama. But new research -- from an obviously very smart man -- suggests that having children can boost a woman's brain power.


Contrary to the popular old idea that raising kids can turn your brain to mush, the new research from Dr. Craig Kinsley, professor of neuroscience at the University of Richmond, Virginia, says that having kids improves a woman's mental agility and helps protect her brain from the degeneration of old age.

Kinsley also says that while a woman may experience a little bit of "pregnancy brain" -- or a less-than-sharp memory while pregnant -- it may not be decreased brain function at all. Instead, the brain may just be re-tooling in preparation for the new demands of parenting. Cool!

I'm happy to hear it. But what's your experience? Since you're in the pregnant state now, do you think your brain power has taken a temporary nose dive?

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