Is Pregnancy Making You Nicer?


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I joke a lot about how I was moody and worried when I was pregnant, but it's true that I was (just ask my partner.) Still, I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and I had many, many easy and very happy days, too -- days when I felt grateful and generous towards the world in general.

I just read that the actress Rachel Griffiths, of "Brothers & Sisters" (which, as a total aside, I love), says that pregnancy has made her "nicer." She's preggers with her third kid (big sibs are Banjo and Adelaide) and apparently pregnancy has transformed her entire personality -- she's so much nicer, some members of the cast are begging her not to have the baby!

Hhmmm. What would you say about yourself?


Has pregnancy made you nicer?

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celti... celticreverie

It definitely depends on the day.. Like I was a total witch to my DH this morning because Becka slept like crap and I slept terribly too. It was bad.

I am very at peace a lot though. I love being pregnant, so I think I am definitely a bit nicer. :)

sammix0 sammix0

it just depends for me like when my BIL or MIL are around or call I get uber mad and it messes up my whole day other than that i wake up in a happy-go-lucky mood and just stay that way for most of the day

RanaA... RanaAurora

HAHAHAH... oh... *clears throat*

No, pregnancy is NOT making me nicer.

mariaria mariaria

Hubby says that I'm nicer when I'm pregnant or on BC. I don't see any differnce though.

tayla... taylansmom

I was nice before I was pregnant so I don't know any other way to be although I do think people are stupid more offten now that I am preggo but I never say anything

codys... codysmama2609

im usually nice (and a pushover) not pregnant. when i was preggo i felt myself more irritable, stronger and assertive. and more and more people got on my nerves with their stupidity. especially when it came to the safety of children.

fmchavez fmchavez

I'm in a little too much pain to be nice right now, let alone nicer.

Elija... ElijahsMommy58

I hated my SO for about 95% of my pregnancy. He was even deployed & I told him I never wanted to see him again. I started being nice about 2 weeks before I gave birth & then after Elijah came out I loved him again & started being way nice! I still feel bad every day for the way that I treated him while pregnant.

Leahm... Leahmaria7981

My hubby always told me I was SOOOO much nicer when I was pregnant. I never knew I was that bad

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