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It's funny how you start re-thinking things when you're pregnant, isn't it? Everyday little choices that you wouldn't give a second thought to before -- just painting your nails, for instance -- now get more consideration. You want to protect your baby, of course, but you also start to think about the bigger picture -- making healthy choices in general and protecting the Earth.

All month long, the Daily Buzz bloggers will be sharing ideas on living a greener life. Today, here are a few "get green" tips from Fit Pregnancy.


4 Tips for Going Green During Pregnancy and Beyond

1. Reuse and recycle -- You probably already do, but could you be doing more? Go to earth911.com to find recycling programs you may not know about in your area; buy green or recycled products; share maternity clothes with friends and family; consider composting.

2. Buy local food -- it's safer. As Fit Pregnancy points out, when we eat foods from other countries, we have no way of knowing what pesticides have been used. The FDA does monitor products, but they only sample a small number.

For information about farmer's markets, and to find ones in your state, go to the USDA's Web site.

Of course there's also your own backyard. To grow your own fruits and veggies, get seeds and organic gardening products at seedsofchange.com.

3. Try to banish chemicals -- buying organic foods means avoiding pesticides, and there are many BPA-free bottle options, now, too. In fact, many of the largest bottle manufacturers in the country have now stopped using BPA altogether.

Read labels, look for all-natural products, and eat more fresh and less processed, packaged, or canned foods.

4. Educate yourself! Read labels, and everything else. Here are some suggestions:

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And of course connect with other moms in these CafeMom groups:

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For more tips and inspiration on a natural, or "green" pregnancy, keep an eye out for my upcoming interview with a CafeMom.

Are you trying to live a greener life now that you're pregnant? What changes have you made?





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