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nursery design tips nursery tou

Photo by Nicole080984

From time to time, I'll share a CafeMom's nursery with you. A while back, we peeked inside moniyeager's boldly colorful baby room. Today it's Nicole's adorable nursery for new baby girl, Bevin.

Let's take a look....


Tell me about yourself. Where do you live and how many kids do you have?

We live in Rancho Cordova, CA, and we have two kids -- Hayden, 2, and Bevin, 1 month. This is her room.

nursery design tips nursery tour

Photo by Nicole080984



nursery design tips nursery tour

Photo by Nicole080984


The room is cute, whimsical, unusual -- what was the inspiration for the nursery?

A green and orange dragonfly cut out. Seriously!

I always knew I wouldn't have a pink room for my daughter and when I was pregnant with my son, before we knew he was a boy, I was searching for crib sets I could use whether we had a boy or girl. I saw this set and just fell in love with it, and it perfectly matched this little green and orange dragonfly cutout I use in my business (I make baby names for nursery walls.) So I knew if I ever had a girl, this was the set I would use if they still made it.

We decided to focus all of the colors around that dragonfly cutout.

Who helped you pull it all together?

My husband did all the painting, but the decorating was my idea, he just came along for the ride. Although the flower box was my step dad's idea.


nursery design tips nursery tour

Photo by Nicole080984

What did you buy and what did you make?

The crib set, the flower lights, the round pink light on the table, and the flower box were all purchased. I made the name on her wall. We bought the dragonflies on the wall, too, but I painted them.

Where did you buy everything?

The crib set is from Wal-Mart, the flower lights are from IKEA, the paints and craft stuff I had to buy was from Michael's. As we found stuff that matched we bought it. Like the flower lights on the wall -- we started off with one, then decided how we were going to do that wall and went back for two more.


nursery design tips nursery tour

Photo by Nicole080984

What gave you the idea for the stripes on the walls and how did you pull that off?

That was ALL my husband. My idea was for the room to be green on bottom and all orange on top, and Rich thought that would be a little much, so he suggest that we do white and orange stripes. A wall in our kitchen has red and white stripes (a cafe theme), so he's done the stripe painting before.

He used a laser and put all the blue tape up, then he painted with this clear coat first (it's like a clear paint, generally used as a finishing protective coat), so the lines would be clean and crisp when we pulled the tape off. Once that was dry, then he painted the colors.

What's your favorite nursery detail?

The wall with her name. That was my "project," so maybe that's why, but I LOVE that. Second is the flower box.


nursery design tips nursery tour

Photo by Nicole080984

The little "box of flowers" is so cute -- how did you do that?

Originally it was going to be a flower pot, but we couldn't figure out how to cut a flower pot in half to mount it to the wall, so when my step dad suggested the flower box we went with it.

We got the flower box from Home Depot, then I went to Michael's and got all the flowers (picking colors to match) and the little bird. I also put the little garden stakes in there to make it more like a real flower box. Once my husband spray painted the box white, I made the little arrangement and he mounted it to the wall.

nursery design tips nursery tour

Photo by Nicole080984


What advice would you give moms pulling a nursery together now?

Have fun with it -- and go with your gut.

When people saw the room when we were just starting to paint, they saw the green and orange and thought we were crazy since we were having a girl (it totally had this "Finding Nemo" vibe). Some people voiced some not so nice opinions, but once the room was done everyone loved it.

And if you find something you love, focus on it and go with it, even if it's one tiny thing. Our room theme was completely centered around a 59-cent green and orange dragonfly cutout. Don't be afraid to gather different things from different places -- I don't think more then any two things are from the same place in the nursery, including the furniture.


Are you in the midst of nursery planning and decorating? Do you have a theme, or one item that's serving as inspiration for the room?

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mary312 mary312

Very nice!! I love the originality.

 How do you submit a nursery? My daughter is about to finish hers  and It will be very different too

Cafe... Cafe Melisa

If you'd like to have a nursery featured in Pregnancy Buzz, please send me a PM and I'll explain the process. I'll need to see a few pictures of the room, and you need to be willing to take several more after that, and then we'd take it from there. Hope to hear from you! :)

My2J.... My2J.A.P.s

SO ADORABLE!!!  I myself LOVE dragonflies so this room would be perfect for me.... errrr, my daughter (when I have one, that is)!  LOL!  Great job! 

celti... celticreverie

It's very cute. A little overboard for my taste haha. I don't think an infant can actually appreciate it. I don't do a big nursery theme, but it's just my taste: nothing wrong with those who do otherwise. We have the baby in our room for the first year, so no theme needed. We also don't own our home.

madam... madamekatekate

*sigh* I have never completely finished a single project. Ever. My daughters room is supposed to be a fairy garden. I have this old calendar with different fairy paintings (Real paintings not the retarded ones you'd see in Spencers) And originally planned to have a few of them framed. Well, they never got framed. So far my 17 months olds room is more garden then fairy, lol. The bedding was easy, and I have flower and butterfly wall decals that look really good and I still haven't put up her damn fairies.

Our new baby girl's (eta july 16) room will be in bunnies. No idea why I chose it but I saw this one little picture and that made my mind up for me. I'm having a super hard time trying to make any of my ideas come to life.

I don't know I just lose focus in the middle of things. Help! ...Anyone? ...Please?


Nicol... Nicole080984

Thanks Melissa for featuring Bevin's nursery!  It was fun!

Arian... AriannasMommy84

This is an adorable nursery, not your typical little girls room! I love it.


newmo... newmom2009374

I love the room!! It is so adorable and original!! I love it!

tonya... tonya212288

I think that this is so awesome! I have been thinking of ways to decorate for my girls room without having to go all girly and you really opened my mind to the diversity of it. Thanks for the insite, I have been hunting for ideas! My colors that I was going to use were a soft yellow with a pale blue. Now I know it doesn't have to be all pink!

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