Dad Delivers Baby with Help from the Internet


North Dakota dad delivers baby

Photo by nico409ant; hopefully,

this sweetie made an easy entrance

I delivered my baby in a hospital with a midwife and, really, without any drama at all.

But I just read about a North Dakota dad who had to deliver his own baby when freezing flood waters made travel to and from his house impossible.


He and his pregnant wife were trapped inside, unable to leave or to have the woman's midwife come to them. The woman broke the news to her hubby that he was going to be the one to deliver their baby, like it or not. So he did what a lot of guys do in other, less stressful situations: He found some instructions and tried to follow them to a "T."

The man read some tips on the Internet and got busy doing what was necessary to deliver his new daughter, Margaret. All went well -- mom and baby are happy and healthy.


Does the idea of your partner having to deliver your baby make you nervous? If push (so to speak) came to shove, and he had to, how do you think he'd do? How would YOU do if he had to deliver your baby?


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