Strategies for Coping with Bed Rest

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I feel fortunate to have had a complication-free pregnancy, but not all mamas-to be do. And for many of those complications, bed rest is what's prescribed to help alleviate them. In fact, it's fairly common -- and recommended for a variety of common conditions, including high blood pressure, cervical or placenta issues, bleeding, concerns over preterm labor, gestational diabetes, or carrying multiples. Bed rest may be required for only a few days or it can last for a substantial portion of the pregnancy. If it happens to you, how will you deal? I've compiled a list of smart suggestions from moms in the Bed Rest!!! group.


Some of the great tips include:

-- Stay focused on the baby -- even though it may be hard, staying focused on the wonderful end result will help get you through the days. Think of what you're doing for the baby as important, and your full-time job.

-- Get support -- handling the day-to-day of bed rest, both physically and mentally, is a challenge. And it can be especially difficult when other women around you seem to have sailed through their pregnancies. So don't go it alone. Join a group, like Bed Rest!!! -- and HoopsDiva recommends Sidelines, a non-profit support group, too.

-- Distract yourself with whatever works for you -- watch TV, rent DVDs, read, do puzzles, knit or crochet, read to your other kids if you have them.

-- Stick to a routine -- whatever you do, try to do those things at certain times each day. Have your meals at consistent times, check your email at certain times, take a shower or bath (if you're allowed to) at certain times. Creating a schedule for yourself will help the days flow by.

-- If depression becomes an issue, don't be afraid to ask your doctor if you can take something. Some antidepressants may be deemed OK.

Are you on bed rest? Or do you know other moms who have been? What are your ideas for getting through it?

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