Totally Awesome Baby Names!



popular baby names of the 1980s

Muppet Babies: Let's Build,





No, not Kermit or Moon Unit - duh! -- but here are some awesome names that, like, I am so sure you're going to be way into!

According to the Social Security Administration's list of popular baby names, these are totally tubular choices for boys and girls (er, at least they once were....) But if they're not your style, no biggie.













For more awesome ideas, check out CafeMom's totally rad Baby Name Finder and my recent baby name game post.

(And, P.S. -- Not that I have to tell you, but this gnarly post is, fer sure, just for fun. April Fool's! These names were among the most popular for boys and girls in the year 1985. Now, could somebody please come to my house and make me stop talking like this?!)


baby names


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Welsh... WelshWishing

Well, my name is Amy..and I hated it growing up because I was always in a class with at LEAST one other Amy..sometimes a few more. But it seems to be people all about my age, don't hear it too much for younger or older than me (31).

sunsh... sunshine06

I hated being 1 of at least 3 Jennifers in my class every freaking year!  So I gave my kids uncommon (but not odd) names.

Cafe... Cafe Melisa

I hear you ladies! There were always at least three girls named Melissa (at least my name was spelled a little differently.....) in my class when I was growing up. I  hated it, too, and also gave my kids uncommon names. I also knew lots of Kimberly's, Heather's, and Amy's. It's fun to go back and see what was popular back in the 80s -- thanks for chiming in!

ohbladi ohbladi

Same goes for this Jessica...

cokalea cokalea

My name is Jeri and I didn't know one other person with a similar name until i was 10 and i didn't find someone with the same spelling until i was 15. i hated being the only Jeri in the world. (at least it felt that way as a kid.)

celti... celticreverie

Gah all of those names are pretty common, especially when I was in school (I am only 21). My best friend is Amy and we had 4-5 in our class in high school. She was always in a class with 1-2 Amy's. hehe.

I love my name: Shanna. No one in my school had this name, until high school. :) I loved being Unique.

Norah... NorahSethsMommy

I wish people would go back to these names. If I see one more kid named Christopher spelled Khrystephuyr or any more forms of Jaden, Haden or Kaden I just may scream!

bluea... blueaquad

my brother was born in 1985 and just happens to be named jason and also has two friends named jason lol but i cant really laugh at him my name is Christine and there are tons of them and christinas to. And I know it can be annoying to not be the only one! thats why my kids are different names Zackary Mackenzie and Payton!

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

Reading all the 80's posts makes me talk. like, Val. For sure. Please slap me.

Jesse... JessecaLynn

Yep I graduated with at least 4 other Jessicas

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