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    Mark and Britt Sherman are not only a super adorable couple, they're actually pretty inspirational as well. They've served as missionaries in Papua New Guinea and Tanzania, and plan to head back to east Africa as soon as possible. They're also prolific bloggers with amazing stories to tell over at Those Crazy Shermans.

    But they've had something else going on in their lives too -- a new baby! After spending years thinking they didn't want kids, they had a change of heart and captured Britt's pregnancy in the best time-lapse "growing belly" video I've ever seen.

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    A cruicial moment leading up to the birth of your baby is when you decide to go to the hospital. Going too soon or even too late could be the difference between having the birth you want and having unwanted medical interventions. So you have to know when it's really time to go.

    I had a chat with Samantha Huggins, DONA certified birth doula and one of the directors at Carriage House Birth in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to get her trusted advice on this critical time so mamas-to-be are well informed. To know is to be empowered. To be empowered gives you a better chance of having a beautiful birth experience. Here's what Samantha and I put together to guide you through your contractions during early labor and help you decide when to go to the hospital.

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    I've really enjoyed being pregnant. Up until month 7. That was when some really freaky and sometimes downright hellish things have begun happening to my body that are making me wish I could give birth tomorrow. When I became pregnant, I was well aware of what would take place during the first trimester -- morning sickness, fatigue, yada yada. And I knew the second trimester was going to be that glorious time when I resembled a goddess and could still run a marathon without breaking a sweat. But no one really told me about the third trimester. Back aches don't even begin to cover it. Here are 9 things that can happen any time between your seventh and ninth month -- don't say I didn't warn you. 

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    You can complain about your pregnancy problems. But unless you've actually been pregnant, it can be hard to truly understand pregnancy problems. That's where photos come in. If a picture is worth a thousand words, each of these photos is worth a thousand birth control pills. Haha! Just kidding, pregnant ladies. We know you're doing important work and all your pain and suffering will be worth it once your baby finally arrives. IF that baby ever arrives!

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    I am currently 7 months pregnant and am having a difficult enough time walking three blocks without wanting to take a nap. So the fact that one pregnant woman from Detroit had it in her to steal a pick-up truck, crash it, and then have energy left over to give birth -- more or less while strapped in handcuffs -- is too much for my fatigued mind to even process. But, yep folks, it actually happened. 

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    I've admitted it before: I didn't even want my husband around when I gave birth to our first child. I wanted him to wait, like a 1950s dad, in an adjacent room while I suffered and delivered surrounded by some of the strong and experienced women in my world whom I felt could provide a great deal of insight and support. Looking back now, I'm really happy I ultimately opted to throw that plan out the window in favor of something more traditional (or should I say something more "modern?" Maybe I'll call it the "new traditional") that included having my husband right by my side. 

    Still, there were things that freaked me out about giving birth. My husband, who told me beforehand that he was scared of feeling powerless during birth, was not at all shocked or insulted when I presented to him a list of rules -- we had a discussion about this, I didn't actually give him a handwritten list -- for what he could and could not do during labor and delivery.  

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    Hello, my name is Sasha Brown-Worsham and I have an irritable uterus. No, seriously. This is a real thing! For the past month or so, it has been constantly angry -- think: "Are you SERIOUSLY pregnant AGAIN, woman!" -- a fact it shares with me by contracting. And contracting. And contracting again. Basically every five minutes. For a month. Yep, it's almost as fun as going on vacation to Hawaii. Except not. At all.

    It's not the first time my uterus has been angry with me. Oh no. This is my third time at the rodeo, and each time, my irritable uterus gets crankier and crankier. The last time it was in summer, and I basically think I had one long contraction from week 25 to week 40.

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    The exact day I celebrated my third trimester, I also welcomed one of the more annoying pregnancy symptoms: insomnia. It's been one week and, without fail, each morning I spring up at almost exactly 4:30 a.m. from out of what feels like a deep and relaxing sleep. I listen to my husband breathe loudly for a few minutes. I switch positions a hundred times and tell myself it's all in my head and I can easily get back to sleep if I would just let myself calm down.

    Then I finally admit defeat, tiptoe out to the living room, and try to come up with something to do to fill up the next three hours. Instead of viewing insomnia as a curse, I've decided to see it with new eyes this time around and consider it a blessing

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    Hands down, this HAS to be one of the best military reunions I've seen to this day. In order to give his pregnant wife the surprise of her life, a Utah soldier dressed up as Santa and showed up at her birthday party, which was taking place at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

    Brittney Dalby was told to go sit on Santa's lap after his arrival, and she obliged -- though she definitely appeared to be a little shy about it. And then when "Santa" pulled off his beard and tried to kiss her, she did what any faithful pregnant wife would do. She turned her head.

    But then she figured out his true identity, and ... well, you might want to get the tissues ready before watching this video clip.

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    You know how pregnancy is one of the most awkward, ungraceful times in your life? That wasn’t just me, was it? Come on, the unbalanced equilibrium, the waddling toward the end? Not exactly Swan Lake.

    Mary Helen Bowers apparently doesn’t suffer the same fate as me or most other pregnant ladies I’ve known. The 34-year-old ballet instructor is still dancing strong -- and gracefully -- at 39 weeks pregnant.

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