What Size Diapers and Onesies to Buy


what size diapers and onesies to buy a newborn

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Hopefully, you'll get lots of great stuff at a baby shower or from family and friends to help out with all of that baby prep. But you'll probably end up buying a few items on your own, too, to have on hand once you bring your new baby home.

Here's the thing, though.... You never know for sure what size baby you're going to get. Even when they estimate the size and weight of your babe near the end of your pregnancy, it's often more of a "guestimate," and what you actually get upon arrival (bigger or smaller) may be a bit of a surprise.


I came across a post recently in Advice for Moms asking how long babies fit in diapers of different sizes and what it would be good to buy.

Here's what a few moms advised:

-- Don't buy too many things in smaller sizes -- they won't last very long! My son was in newborn diapers for about two weeks. -- tyfry7496

-- How long they stay in any one size depends on the baby. My DD never fit in newborn diapers -- she was too big. My DS fit in them for three weeks. I would buy a pack of newborn diapers and a pack of size 1's. That way you have both ends covered. -- PandTsmomjuly

-- The length of time they stay in things depends on their birth weight and how much they gain in the first couple of weeks. I always bought a selection of newborns, size 1's and size 2's. -- MomTo2BabesTX

I think the same could go for onesies and sleepers. Our first baby weighed 9 lbs, 3 oz, and he never fit in newborn diapers or onesies -- he moved on to 0 - 3 month and 3 - 6 month clothes very quickly.

And a friend of mine just delivered two weeks early and her baby was under 6 pounds. I'm sure she'll be relying on jumbo packs of newborn diapers and newborn onesies for a while.

If you've given birth before, what would you tell first-time moms-to-be about stocking up on diapers, sleep sacks, and onesies?




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