Signs of Labor: Losing the Mucus Plug


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As we mamas know, when it comes to talking about pregnancy and childbirth, there are plenty of topics that veer into TMI. Discussion of the mucus plug is definitely one of them, but questions about it are super-common for first-time preggos. I did a post a while back on 5 big pregnancy concerns, and the MP was one on the list.

JessMomof2boys asked other moms in Pregnancy: How long after you lost your mucus plug did you go into labor?

Loss of the MP is a sign of labor, but does it mean the clock's ticking and it's time to head to the hospital?

Some CafeMoms said they went into labor anywhere from a few hours to several days or even weeks after losing the mucus plug -- some said they ever even knew they lost it.

According to the baby gurus at Dr. Spock, here's what to expect when it comes to this fun preggo detail.

What is the mucus plug?

It's an accumulation of secretions that form within the opening to the uterus -- it serves as a protective barrier between infection from the outside world and your growing babe. Near the end of your pregnancy, your cervix will begin to thin out and dilate; as it does, you may lose the MP (similar to vaginal discharge) gradually or in a more obvious way.

Does losing it mean labor's coming soon?

It's a sign that labor is approaching, but, as the CafeMoms report, how quickly varies -- it can be hours, days, or weeks. Communicate with your health care provider, of course, but, unless other signs of labor warrant it, you probably won't be headed off to the hospital immediately.

If you've given birth before, what was your first sign of labor?



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RanaA... RanaAurora

My first sign of labor TECHNICALLY would have been having a hard time climbing out of bed that morning, and a lower back ache.  But considering my back always hurt, I thought nothing of it.  I didn't know I was in labor until the midwife at my check-up told me I was.

babym... babymama322

With both my babies i lost my mucus plug almost exactly 1 hr before my labor started. 

mandyjh mandyjh

That is crazy i lost my mucus plug a whole month before my son was born, i was a week over due and had to be induced, because of a swollen liver!

Lians... Liansmommie

I lost my plug on a Mon and was told by my Dr. on Wed that I would be Induced on Sat.

mumummum mumummum

I never realized when I lost mine with all 3 girls. I didn't know I was in labor the first time. It felt like period cramps but I have always debilitating cramps except during pregnancy. 2nd it was horrible pain, my legs would buckle every contraction. 3rd didn't hurt till 4 hrs into it and that's the only one my water broke with. Now I'm curious as to what the mucus plug looks like. You gave me a new research project, thanks.

fmchavez fmchavez

Probably the intense burning pain in my pelvis and on my pubic bone. I could barely walk. I had to have my husband nearly carry me down the stairs to the car. Sadly, when we got to the hospital I was still only 3cm this was at 10am, by 10pm I was in full blown labor (they still gave me pitocin though). I lost my MP slowly over time. I noticed it when I would wipe, but it was in small pieces over a period of about 8 days before labor.

harol... haroldswife

I lost my MP and was in labor within one hour.  My first son was born within four hours.  All of my labors were easy.  I have 3 sons and all labors were 4 hours long.  Son number 2 weighed 9 lbs, 5 oz. and was natural, and son number 3 weighed 8 lb., 9 oz, had an epi, pitocin, he came sunny side up, after back labor and was definitely the hardest to get here.  Son number 1 weighed 7 lb., 5 oz. and was born on Halloween.  We had the lovely escort to the hospital by the State Police because we were stopped for speeding.  It would have been funny if I had not been in so much pain!!!!  He just did not want to deliver that baby.  I often wondered how many times that State Trooper told that story!!!!

JoyJoy82 JoyJoy82

I am in my first pregnancy, almost 39 weeks, and lost my MP a month ago. I also have been having bloody show and more mucus for the past 6 days. I am REALLY hoping to go into labor soon! I can tell that the baby has dropped significantly in the last 48 hours because I have become very uncomfortable with lots of pelvic pressure. Any insight?

Spiri... SpiritedTigress

I knew i was going into labor from the first contraction. They were immediatly strong and horrible, i told DH "Shes coming TODAY." He didnt belive me. The next morning we were parents >__>

Brade... BradenIsMySon

Mp was lost about a week before. First sign was lower back labor. Kinda hard to miss. That was at 12:45pm, baby was here at 7:01pm.

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