Trying to Conceive: Does an Orgasm Help?


trying to conceive role of orgasm

Just say "O"

It's your means to an end, but baby-making sex can be complicated. You need to know when you're ovulating and how much nooky is necessary to get the job done. But what else will help?

A man must climax in order for conception to occur, but does it help if you do, too?

According to a sex-ed article on conceiveonline, here's what you need to know about "the big O."


While some may claim that uterine contractions, which can occur during orgasm, help propel the sperm into your fallopian tubes, an expert quoted in the piece says he "doesn't believe there's any scientific evidence that shows they do."

But it isn't gonna hurt, either (another doc notes that the big O won't interfere with implantation, which some couples have wondered.)

And in fact orgasm for a woman, while not essential, does play a helpful role in TTC sex -- it makes the deed more fun, which in turn makes you both more eager to keep doing it.

If you're TTC, how do you and your partner try keep things fun and relaxed, and keep the baby-making pressure off?



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