Baby Name Game: Take It or Leave It


baby names

Photo by astralweeks;

Alexandra & Elizabeth,two great girl names

I just came across a fun baby name game in the Pregnancy group. Like the baby gear post I do on Tuesdays, it's called Take It or Leave It and, according to britbit, here's how you play.

You post a baby name. Then the next mom says whether she'll "Take It" or "Leave It" and posts a new name. britbit got the game started with Elizabeth and I thought I'd try to get it going here. Will it work? I have no idea. Let's see!


I went to the last post in the thread and the name there was Maximus.

I think I'll Leave It.

Now I'm going to post a name I was just discussing with a pregnant friend of mine:


Now, you. To the first person who posts, please tell us if you'd Take It or Leave It and then post another name for the next mom to weigh in on.

Let me hear from you! :)

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