Links I Love: Birth Plans and A Thrify Nursery



Photo by diamondchic


I'm *still* waiting on spring and, you know what? I'm a little bitter about it. But I'm going to try to be a big girl and not have a tantrum over the rain that's forecast for the next few days.

Instead, I'll focus on the good things: My magnolia tree is full of blooms, my kids make me laugh, diamondchic's photos make me smile, Grandma is coming for a visit soon (hi, Mom!), and.... it's the weekend.

Here are a few links I loved this week, from CafeMom and all around.


What's the deal with Twitter? -- Entertainment Buzz

Family dinners for 5 bucks or less -- Food & Party Buzz

Living with Lily and cerebral palsy -- Baby Buzz

Birth plan pointers -- Lil Sugar

Should dad stand "down there" during delivery? -- Parentdish

A nursery full of Craigslist and other thrifty finds -- ohdeedoh

Mommy blogger Dooce on post-partum depression -- Healthy Living Buzz

Can you breastfeed AND work? -- workitmom

OK, weekend, here I come.... :)






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