Naming Baby After Daddy: Classic, or Not Cool Enough?

baby names naming baby after dad

Photo by minivanmommy; this guy's in a cool and classic little number

Cafe Suzanne did a post a while back asking moms if they had named their baby after themselves and I just came across a piece about naming boys after their dads.

A father wrote in to The Name Lady on parentdish saying he and his wife were planning on naming their son Eric Junior and calling him E.J. Naming a son after his dad is way less common than it used to be -- according to the piece, here's why.


The emphasis these days in baby names is on the new and individual. It's unusual for modern parents to use Junior with a name. And many 20- or 30-something expectant dads have familiar names like Eric, Jason, and Kevin -- definitely not trendy or new-sounding, and maybe even a little plain.

Still, naming a son after his dad celebrates a sense of family connectedness.

What do you think? Are you naming your son after his dad? Will you use Junior with the name? Or do you prefer the idea of branching out with a name that's more distinctive?

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