A Glider: Take It or Leave It?


Harmony Micro Modern Glider,

$380, babiesrus.com

Gliders have popped up a couple of times recently in Daily Buzz. Cafe Suzanne says you've gotta get one and Cafe Sheri has made it her mission to find some appealing, not-too-expensive modern versions.

Are you registering for one?

Item: A glider for the nursery. The one here is the Harmony Micro Modern Glider in lovely gender-neutral lime.

Cost: $200 - $500+, depending on style.

What it does: It's a glider/rocker/chair for feeding, cuddling, and rocking baby to sleep.

Pros: Moms who love them profess them to be the ultimate in comfort (I had an creaky wooden rocker and there were many times I sat feeding my babies in the dark, cursing my decision not to make room for one, but....)

Cons: They're expensive, they take up a lot of real estate, and will you still be happy you have one when you're past the breastfeeding/bottlefeeding/rocking-to-sleep stage?

Let's see what you have to say.


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