5 Natural Ways to Boost Fertility

natural ways to boost fertilityAccording to an article I just read on 5 natural ways to boost fertility, Americans spend more than $1 billion dollars a year on invasive reproductive procedures. And for some couples, those options are ultimately a necessary means to an end.

But what can you try before going down that road? Here's what the article suggests.


-- Improve your diet -- Bulk up on foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants; they can reduce stress and may boost fertility. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. And all of this goes for your partner, too -- the same advice can help boost his mojo, too.

-- Buy a Conception Kit -- It's an at-home, get-started kit that's proven to be as effective as an IUI.

-- Keep a conception calendar -- In other words, make sure you know when you're ovulating.

-- Don't get too creative with sex positions -- The good, old-fashioned missionary style is proven to be one of the most effective when it comes to conceiving. And get clear on how often you should have sex, too (more isn't always better.)

-- Get your weight in check -- Being over- or underweight can negatively affect fertility. If you're heavy, even a 10 pound weight loss can be a help, and if you're underweight, put on a few more lbs. by upping your intake of healthy fats (almonds, olive oil, and fatty fish like salmon.)

What else?

I came across a CafeMom whose dietary advice includes lots of fresh fruits and veggies and getting a head start on those prenatals, especially for that folic acid content.

For more tips from CafeMoms, check out the private groups:

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What about you? Have you tried natural ways to boost fertility that you think helped you get pregnant? What did you try?

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