15 Pretty Flower Names for Girls


flower names for girls

Since I have one, I'm of course partial to flower names for girls -- but I'm definitely not alone. Flower names are popular these days. A mom in Answers asked others what they thought of the name Azalia, which is actually a name all its own, but could also be seen as an alternative spelling of the flower name Azalea. (The former held a special meaning for the mom, which is why she was considering it.)

And I came across a cool list of pretty flower names for girls on nameberry -- there were some interesting picks! Here are a few.

Flower Names

The Trendiest






British Blooms






Exotic Flowers






Do you like any of these? Are any on your list of baby names for girls?

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shake... shakesrear

no, but I swear if I have another girl, her name will be Tigerlilly.

busyb... busybee76

We were going to name my Daughter Rose which was my Husbands Grandma's name. We ended up naming her Sara Rose Marie....her legal first name is Sara Rose and middle name Marie....so of course I love the name Rose :)

madam... madamekatekate

Some of these do make for really pretty names. Except for maybe Amaryllis. Just a bit too much for a name...

yakamoz yakamoz

We're not going with a flower name, but there are a lot of Turkish girl names that are flowers as well.

Nergis (daffodil)
Gül (rose)
Çiğdem (crocus)
Pelin (I'm not sure what this is in English, but the dictionary says it is white and black and used to make herbal medicines)
Papatya (daisy)
Püren (again, not sure of the English, but it's a yellow and red leafy flower)
Nesrin (wild rose)
Karanfil (carnation)
Kardalan (I think this is another word for crocus)
Kamelya (camellia)
Leylak (lilac)
Manolya (Magnolia)

RanaA... RanaAurora

My new munchkin's middle name is going to be Rose.  I like Lily, but I wouldn't do two flower names.  Her first name might be Lilith with the nickname of Lily, though.

angel... angelachristine

I like some of them. I know someone who named their child Arazalia it's kinda a take on Azalea. 

ibebr... ibebreezy

i have a lily (rana- she was supposed to be a lilith and ended up just lily lol)

i'm having a boy this time but if we have another girl her name will be willow

jeni0323 jeni0323

f I have another baby and its a girl I will name her Amaryllis

scrap... scrappinmama519

If my son was a girl he was going to be Ivy. Good thing though we couldn't come up with a middle name-might still use it next time around.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

I love these names. Tigerlily is beautiful. Love Rose, Dahlia, Iris, Lily, and Poppy.

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