How to Make Your Regular Clothes Last Longer

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We're all looking to make do with less these days, or to make what we already have last longer. Same definitely goes for dressing the bump.

Recently, I did a post on tips from CafeMoms on how to dress the bump for less -- they included ideas on where to get inexpensive mat clothes and how to think outside the box a little when it comes to maternity wear. In the same spirit, here are some ideas from Lil Sugar on making the most of your pre-baby wardrobe.

But, mamas, share your ideas, too! Are you raiding your husband's closet? Digging out some old duds you wore at a time when you were heavier? Borrowing from a friend? Embracing the tight T-shirt look? Lemme hear!

Now, moving right along....


1. Hail the Empire -- Got some old tops or dresses with an empire waist? You might be able to wear them longer than you think as the bump grows. Ditto roomy peasant blouses (thanks, RanaAurora!).

2. Go for the layered look -- Use an unbuttoned jacket or long sweater over a regular top to help camouflage the way things are fitting these days.

3. Use a belly band -- Yes, it's a purchase -- but they aren't too expensive, and buying one or two may help you get all the life you need out of your other tops.

4. Try the time-honored rubber-band trick -- Looping a thick rubber band or an elastic pony tail holder around a button and through the hole of an unbuttoned pair of jeans can get you an extra two inches of belly room.

5. Check out a B Buckle -- Again, it's a purchase, but one that will help you get the most out of the pants you already have. B Buckles are stretchy fabric bands that snap across the front of your trousers. They're $22 and some sport cute little designs (I like the one with the rose tattoo.)

What are your tricks for getting more life out of your regular clothes, or for cutting back on the mat clothes expense?

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