5 Tips for Getting Better Sleep

At the end of your pregnancy, getting comfortable while you sleep is a major challenge for most pregnant gals -- although some women experience difficulty getting good sleep the entire time. JennLavazza asked for advice on getting better sleep over in Answers -- here are five tips I compiled from moms who've been there.


1. Change locations -- LizMomTo4Grils said she tried getting out of bed and moving to the recliner for the last few weeks. It worked.

2. Take naps -- Paesana82 suggests taking naps during the day. That way, the periods of lying down to rest and being uncomfortable are shorter.

3. Use a body pillow -- Several moms -- litstargazer, WadeMom313, and caitxrawks -- loved their body pillows and found wrapping their legs and arms around them in various positions to be really helpful.

4. Be open to taking something if you really need to catch up on your sleep -- dreamer19, responding to another question about sleep, said she very occasionally takes one Benadryl to get some sleep. (She did this with the approval of her doctor, and of course you should consult with yours, too.)

5. Try to relax before you hit the pillow -- pwfaith started taking a hot bath with Johnson's Bedtime Bath with her first pregnancy and she's still using it in her fifth. She swears by it.

How about you? Getting any sleep? What do you find works?

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