What Are You Naming Your Baby?

baby names

Photo by Punkylu78

Big Sis Rain kissing the belly; baby-on-the-way is Maxwell

I waited to decide on my babies' names until they were here, but for some mamas the name is a done deal before the birth (see photo above!).

I came across a post in Pregnancy asking moms: "What are you naming your little one?" The mom who posted is due in June and going with Lydia Mae. Here are some of the names other moms have chosen:

-- Chloe Ann

-- Liam Aksel

-- Silas Mackenzie

-- Caleb Scott

-- Max Davis Stanley

-- Ava Elizabeth

-- Skylynn Rose

-- John Bobby

-- Angel Isayah

-- Lorelei Jayne

-- Nolan Patrick

If you've already decided on your baby's name, what will it be?


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