Is It Safe: Taking Allergy Medications


allergy medications whie pregnantI'm fortunate not to suffer from allergies, but I feel for moms who do.

If you're one of them, what's the deal? Can you still take your allergy meds while pregnant?

It's sort of a tricky one. There have been no animal studies on the category B drug loratadine (Caritin and others) that indicate a risk to the fetus, and there have been no reports of human reproductive problems associated with it. Category B drugs are generally thought to be safe.


In truth, few drugs have been proven "safe" during pregnancy -- drugs typically aren't tested on pregnant women due to the possible risk to the fetus. Here's what you need to know, via WebMD:

-- Exercise caution, especially in the first trimester. Talk to your doctor about the severity of your symptoms and see what he recommends.

-- Try to avoid (as much as possible) exposure to the things that trigger your symptoms -- this may decrease your need for the meds.

-- Keep in mind that nasal issues -- congestion or that preggo runny nose -- get worse for all women during pregnancy, not just those who suffer from allergies. (Another thing to blame on pregnancy hormones.)

-- Here's a list of medications with no known harmful effects during pregnancy -- the common allergy drug Benadryl is on it. But, again, no drug is guaranteed 100% safe. Have a chat with your doctor or midwife!

Do you suffer from allergies? What has your doctor advised about what's safe to take? Or are you "just saying no" to meds altogether?

is it safe


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auror... aurorabunny

I've wondered about this before.  My OB told me I couldn't take my Zyrtec when I was pregnant and so I was horribly allergic and suffered through the whole thing.  I have a friend whose doctor told her it was fine to take her Zyrtec.  Weird.

madam... madamekatekate

I suffered through a random sneak attack of allergy symptoms the other week. It was horrible!

So, just to be safe I called my OB and she told me to take benadryl. Oh la dee friggin da...The one drug that does NOT work for me. Never has, still hasn't. But I took it with high hopes. *sigh* Nothing happened lol.

Normally I would have taken a Claritin D and gone about my day as happy as a clam. Once this baby is out, I'll get to take medicine that actually works for me! (Ie: ibuprofen instead of acetomenophen)

babyg... babygirl1586

hey my doc gave me a list of things i could take and there are a few ones you can still take.. extra strength tylenol, sudafed (congestion), robitussin or generics (coughing/sore throat) or chloraseptic/halls/rocola lozenges (sore throat).. just thought i would let you all know that.. so if you have allergies that is what you can take..

RanaA... RanaAurora

Benadryl and Sudafed are okay.

However - anyone who hasn't should PICK UP A NETI POT!  I stopped using medications after taking multiple ones daily when I got one!

lilti... liltiger86

I am happy to hear I can take something! I have the worst allergy symptoms the other day i had trouble sleeping and breathing and it helps to know that claritin or benedryl wont hurt the baby my doctor mentioned these before but now im convinced thnxs!

RoniV RoniV

Although my doc has said it is fine to continue with my loratadine, but I haven't. I will take it only if I have an attack. And even then, if I can just take a nap I will try to do that (seems to be the only way for me to completely stop an attack, especially with watery eyes). But I am one who tries to take as few meds as possible when pregnant, just to be safe.

Zamaria Zamaria

I don't take allergy meds often because they make me soooo sleepy. I take a tablespoon of raw organic honey every day and that has almost completely cured my severe seasonal allergies in the year I have been using it. I only had one sneezy itchy eyes day this season! I also use an air purifier and ionizer in my bedroom and living room during allergy

season. It seems to have worked!

nonmember avatar LamuzNick

It is remarkable, this very valuable opinion

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