Is It Safe: Taking Allergy Medications

allergy medications whie pregnantI'm fortunate not to suffer from allergies, but I feel for moms who do.

If you're one of them, what's the deal? Can you still take your allergy meds while pregnant?


It's sort of a tricky one. There have been no animal studies on the category B drug loratadine (Caritin and others) that indicate a risk to the fetus, and there have been no reports of human reproductive problems associated with it. Category B drugs are generally thought to be safe.


In truth, few drugs have been proven "safe" during pregnancy -- drugs typically aren't tested on pregnant women due to the possible risk to the fetus. Here's what you need to know, via WebMD:

-- Exercise caution, especially in the first trimester. Talk to your doctor about the severity of your symptoms and see what he recommends.

-- Try to avoid (as much as possible) exposure to the things that trigger your symptoms -- this may decrease your need for the meds.

-- Keep in mind that nasal issues -- congestion or that preggo runny nose -- get worse for all women during pregnancy, not just those who suffer from allergies. (Another thing to blame on pregnancy hormones.)

-- Here's a list of medications with no known harmful effects during pregnancy -- the common allergy drug Benadryl is on it. But, again, no drug is guaranteed 100% safe. Have a chat with your doctor or midwife!

Do you suffer from allergies? What has your doctor advised about what's safe to take? Or are you "just saying no" to meds altogether?

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