Pregnant on Purpose: Fair Game or Foul Play?

pregnant on purposeLet's say you really wanted a baby. And maybe your partner isn't ready or just can't make up his mind. Would you try to get pregnant on purpose? If he isn't asking about birth control or insisting on using any of his own, is it fair game for you to try to conceive?

I came across a post in Answers about getting pregnant on purpose and moms were split. Some said no way, both parties have to know what's going down and be in agreement about it. Others said sometimes you're not trying to be devious -- you're just not using BC, it turns out you get pregnant, and it's a surprise to you both.

And one Anonymous mom said her last pregnancy was "her little secret." Her hubby wasn't sure about another baby, but she was, and she felt the "clock was ticking," so she went for it and has no regrets.

What do you think? Is it fair to get pregnant on purpose?


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