What's Your Baby's In Utero Nickname?

The Bean, in utero

Cafe Suzanne (hi, Suzanne!) over at Baby Buzz did a super-cute post on What's Your Baby's Nickname?. Which got me thinking that, really, you start calling your little darlings "something" even before you know whether you're having a boy or a girl -- if you find out. Parents-to-be usually have some sort of in utero nickname for their kid -- maybe it helps us feel like we're getting to know the newest soon-to-be member of the family? -- long before we've picked out what the real name will be.


And then of course the funny thing is, you pick out the name and half the time end up calling them something else, as Suzanne pointed out. But I'm moving ahead here! Let's back up -- in utero nicknames. Before the kid is a kid that's here, before you know what you're having. Our kids wound up for some reason being "beans." The bean, little bean, big bean.

What's your baby's in utero nickname?

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