Are You Taking Prenatal Vitamins?

prenatal vitamins folic acidI didn't like taking my prenatal vitamins. Without getting into TMI, let's just say they didn't work so well with my digestive system. In the beginning, I popped them anyway, but a few weeks into my pregnancy I asked my midwife if I could stop taking them. She said she'd be OK with me just taking a folic acid supplement, but if my blood work showed that I was low in iron or anything else, she'd make me start taking them again.

Most healthcare providers do recommend a prenatal vitamin of some sort -- they help make up for any deficiency in a mother's diet, and the folic acid, iron, and calcium components are especially important. Folic acid can help reduce your risk of having a baby with a birth defect of the brain and spinal cord.

I came across a post in Pregnancy recently where several moms said they were skipping prenatal vities for one reason or another. Are you?


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