Weirdest Cravings While Pregnant

pregnancy cravings


I definitely had pregnancy cravings, but nothing too weird.

Odd cravings are super-common, though, and while no one really knows for sure why, it's often attributed to preggo hormones and a heightened sense of smell. (The latter can work both ways, causing you to jones for something or gag at the mere thought of if.)

Some weird CafeMom cravings?

-- Chocolate-covered fried chicken

-- Turkey and cheese Lunchables

-- Cheetos with green beans

-- Rocky road ice cream with watermelon

-- Artichokes (turns out this one's not entirely uncommon -- they're very high in vitamin C)

-- MacDonald's french fries dipped in vanilla ice cream

-- Sweet Tarts

-- Salads with sunflower seeds

-- Popcorn and hot chocolate

-- Canned pineapple

What about you? Had any weird cravings?


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