Weirdest Cravings While Pregnant


pregnancy cravings


I definitely had pregnancy cravings, but nothing too weird.

Odd cravings are super-common, though, and while no one really knows for sure why, it's often attributed to preggo hormones and a heightened sense of smell. (The latter can work both ways, causing you to jones for something or gag at the mere thought of if.)

Some weird CafeMom cravings?

-- Chocolate-covered fried chicken

-- Turkey and cheese Lunchables

-- Cheetos with green beans

-- Rocky road ice cream with watermelon

-- Artichokes (turns out this one's not entirely uncommon -- they're very high in vitamin C)

-- MacDonald's french fries dipped in vanilla ice cream

-- Sweet Tarts

-- Salads with sunflower seeds

-- Popcorn and hot chocolate

-- Canned pineapple

What about you? Had any weird cravings?

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Dixie... DixieRoadrash

I just really wanted spicy food. My friend brought over a jar habanero stuffed olives at the beginning of my pregnancy and I craved those the rest of the 9 months. Lol.

Marle... MarleyDnMe

I crave real spicy make you sweat spicy food too...And anything that has peanuts.

Kenre Kenre

I have now been having a craving for Pear Wine (MIL's to be exact.) I also want my cottage cheese, but we can't afford it.

Tessa... TessaBianca

Long John Silvers fish. I could not drive by that durn place without getting a couple pieces.

mmmom... mmmommy0207

Biscuits and gravy. If they have it at the resturant we're at, I order it. I've also been diggin' into some Cherry Frosted Pop Tarts. I ate a box of 12 in a week. On the healthy side, though, I've been eating cooked broccoli (not fresh) and peaches & cream oatmeal.

nonmember avatar Jill

French onion soup -- every day -- at least once a day. This has been going on for almost 2 months and I'm only 24 weeks!!!

Jmum Jmum

My only real craving was Champagne. Go figure.

Happy... Happymom236

my craving has been hot & spicy food, frosted blueberry pop tarts, lemons, green apples, and pizza. the pregnancy before this was cherry garcia ice cream smothered with green olives.

cafemama cafemama

Last pregnancy it was falafel. This one it's been reubens.

love_... love_bug09

Wendy's fries dipped in a chocolate frosty.....yummy.

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